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There really needs to be a button on EVERY keyboard of EVERY computer dedicated to turning off the keyboard so that when the kitten you love VERY MUCH and CAN’T SAY “NO” TO stomps on your keyboard it doesn’t inadvertently send a death virus to the whole world. (Or something, you know how quickly things escalate.)


Janet Mock on Beyoncé’s feminism.

I really appreciate everything Janet said about Beyoncé in this video clip and especially on the panel with bell hooks (which she also mentioned in this video), which I wrote about in Liberating The Black Female Body: Thoughts On The Voices Of bell, Janet, Shola and Marci. We need nuanced perspectives and ones that aren’t solely about respectability. And also, recognize that Beyoncé is still a human being even if people only recognize her as an inanimate brand, or worse.

Janet keeps it 100. Love her. (Oh and LMFAO @ Janet in the clip saying the writer needs to “have a seat” and “at one of Beyoncé’s concerts.”)

Wooooooo right on

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People have been asking for info on the images from this post, so here we go:

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